Sunday, December 14, 2008

"I've never had so many drinks in so short a time": Vegas Redux

That quote is from my sister, Lisa, on Day 2 of our Vegas Extravaganza while we were sipping yet another margarita at a Mexican restaurant. It happened to be our 7th drink. Sigh. So here, for your edification, the stats.
  • Margaritas consumed: 6-- 2 at the hotel the night of our arrival, one at Fat Tuesday in the mall (actually all of shared this one), 2 at Mesa Grill (the best ones of the trip!!), one at lunch at Mexican place at The Palms
  • Other drinks consumed: 2 -- a "dresser" at the hotel (vodka tonic); one extremely delicious dirty martini at the Four Seasons (olives stuffed with bleu cheese!)
  • Meals consumed: 3 (I'm not counting breakfast at the hotel or the guacamole that we ate for dinner after the show). The best meal by far was at the Mesa Grill (yummy pork tenderloin and this delicious sweet potato tamale!), I also had a delicious mushroom quesadilla there, and had some good tacos at a place at the Venetian.
  • Shows seen: 1 (Stomp Out Loud! It was very impressive and fun!)
  • Trashy TV watched: sadly very little, but I did see a bit of "The Starter Wife" which seemed trashy
  • Movies watched: 1 -- "Four Christmases" (cute!)
  • Celebrities Sighted: 0 -- I heard that Donny Osmond was on my flight, but I didn't actually see him.
  • Inappropriate Outfits: too many to count!
  • Hotel Lobbies Seen: I'm going to say 6, but that's an estimate.
  • Dollars Spent Gambling: $2 -- I spent one on something called Cops & Donuts, and one on two cent poker. Edifying.
  • Casinos lost in: all of them. They don't want you to get out!!
  • Times I thought "That is her job. Her JOB.": at least twice, possibly more. First when I saw a woman dancing on a bar, and then when I saw some girls dressed in what can only be described as cop-uniformed themed bikinis (with hats!). It turns out that they were dealers at the Pussycat Dolls tables.
  • Number of times I thought "You're going to drink that?": Every ten seconds on the strip. Most often it was when I saw someone with a 100 ounce margarita. They had them in very tall cups, huge cups that looked like tubs, and cups in the shape of the Eiffel Tower.
  • Amount of fun had: infinite. Mostly just hanging out my family, eating at the Mesa Grill, but also drinking martinis at the Four Seasons (so quiet!), and laughing as we tried to walk in the windiest weather I've ever been in.
I'll post some pics on Facebook.


ErinAlice said...

Very nice. Now those are some stats I can understand!! I am glad I could share in them all with you. What about Number of times I saw pictures of naked women?? Yikes. Again, too many to count. I had a great time!!! I posted some pics on facebook and my blog. OH and great pictures of the meals at Mesa grill. Back to reality.

Nik said...

It seems like a highly reasonable visit to Las Vegas. Nothing untoward. Not even 6 margaritas. I can't wait to hear more.

Lisa B. said...

Doesn't this sound like a pretty great time in Vegas. I could barely tolerate the weekend, waiting for your report. Glad you celebrated the onset of a new decade of awesomeness in your life in high style.

Clarification: inappropriate outfits were on other people? or on you? Either would be fitting, in my humble opinion.

aj said...

And I only got to enjoy the 1 margarita! Oh well, another day! And I think I with you in 4 casinos, so I'm sure you were in way more than 6! Thanks for sharing part of the day and your sisters and mom! Had an awesome time for our birthday!