Thursday, December 04, 2008

In Which I Plaigiarize From Son

I am just tired, tired, tired. So I will steal a poem from Son and let that be my post for the day.

awestruck like a dog
foresty blackness blinding
sunlight coming

He's been studying haiku and he wrote three or four yesterday. But I like that. Sunlight coming. It's gots too, right?
Originally the first line was awestruck like a monkey, which had too many syllables. Too bad, because I wanted to see where that was going.

Today, I am thankful for Son and his inspiring creativity.


Lisa B. said...

That is quite wonderful. Awestruck like a dog is pretty great as first lines go, by the way.

Condiment said...

Way better than me at that age. Better than me now, actually.

Nik said...

That's what's been missing from our productivity. The children in the back room churning out the brilliance. A solution to our problem. Nice churning, Small Write.

ErinAlice said...

I actually like the thought of my dog being awestruck. He writes better Haikus than my college students. Kudos to son and I am not surprised. I think we have a future editor-in-chief on our hands.