Monday, December 01, 2008

Happy December!

Now that we have entered the month of my 40th birthday, I think it's important that I treat every day like a celebration. To wit, I am celebrating Monday the First, the first day of the last week of class, with some TV (Samantha Who?) and a delicious drink (Jack & Ginger).
Today is World AIDS day. So today I want to remember all those lost to this disease, and also to be thankful for my health and the health of those I love.
I love you all! Stay healthy!


Lisa B. said...

I fully endorse your wall-to-wall celebration plan with its varied points and subpoints. I toast you with my sparkling water and tangerine juice. Good act of remembrance. I endorse that too.

lis said...

Yes, I fully support birthday month. I used to just celebrate birthday week, but when will came along with a birthday a week before mine birthday month seemed an obvious next step. I toast you with apple juice. It is early here.

Nik said...

Happy birthday month! This is indeed how it should be and I'm glad it has been decreed thusly.

I toast you with coffee and Z's green tea (which she drinks very little of so I finish).

aj said...

I happily join you in celebrating December! Awesome birthdays (even if you get to always stay 1 year younger) and an awesome month! What the heck--celebrate the whole year of being 40!