Sunday, November 30, 2008

Something More Positive

I feel compelled to post something positive to outweigh the negative post just prior to this. Read this story about hosting a party (in Manhattan no less!) on the cheap. Be sure to watch the slide show. Of course, it helps to have absolutely amazing taste and to be able to see beauty in the 99 cent store. And I wouldn't be able to stomach the Three Buck (inflation!) Chuck, but otherwise, it was an uplifting story. Even in these hard times, it's possible to have a party, to entertain. I want to turn our house into a winter wonderland!


ErinAlice said...

That was neat. It would be fun to make a winter wonderland inside since here we don't get one outside.

Lisa B. said...

Completely charming. I want to have twice-baked potatoes right. now. Also, I want that birch bark in the very worst way!

aj said...

Very cool! Not sure if ErinAlice feels this way, but palm trees and green grass always make Christmas in Vegas seem unreal. I miss the snow and the way it covers up the imperfections of the world. Don't miss the cold though, and this would be a perfect answer! Winter indoors! and potatoes! What else could an Idahoan want/need in a meal?