Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Success on One Front

I roused Son from a deep slumber this morning at approximately 7:18 so that we could leave the house by 7:50 (yes! accomplished!) so that I could do my necessary, last minute Thanksgiving shopping. I plied him with promises of muffins and chocolate milk. We dashed to Whole Foods, purchased required WF things (cheese cloth, eggs, local whipping cream, local bread) along with the promised treats. Then, we dashed to Expensive Local Store where, it turns out, things are not as expensive as I once thought. Local turkeys, for example, were cheaper than the non-organic ones at WF. I also got (expensive) olives, inexpensive beets and parsnips, local apples (the owner assured me these locally grown Ida Reds would make me forget the Empires with which I made the best pie ever...), carrots, I can't remember what else. While there I saw the local bread delivery guy who I had just seen at WF. I bought my bread at WF, but does it matter? I got it from the local bread guy.
Then I got coffee and now I'm about to leave to get my hair cut and colored (for the first time ever!!!). Son was not happy last night about my getting my hair colored. He's afraid it's going to be ugly. Nothing like a little confidence from the loved ones.
I still need to get cheap, white bread for the stuffing just like grandma used to make. I'm dashing to the store across the street to get that on the way to my hair appointment.
So then I'll be done with shopping and the cooking can start. One of my favorite rituals is to hang out in the kitchen drinking wine while I toast bread.
Another favorite ritual is the night before Thanksgiving soup and salad dinner. I made Curried Pumpkin Soup last night and tonight I will serve it with my famous Ceasar Salad. And some more of that local bread. I got some white wine too.
And tonight I make pie. Which we have for breakfast tomorrow. (Another favorite ritual). Then we'll watch the parade and the dog show and cook all day. I told Son we could play Monopoly, because we always run out of time. But tomorrow, we have all day.
Blessed Turkey Day to you. May it be everything you need and want.


aj said...

Wow--all that in one day! I'll miss the cooking this year--we are eating out, but with fabulous friends, and lots of wine as well. Will do the turkey etc at Christmas with the 'rents! Happy Thanksgiving and here's to our birthday!

susansinclair said...

My job: bring the (store-made but reportedly excellent) apple pie, as per GF's mom's request, a big bottle of local rose (these are Central NYers, after all, sweet is good), and for me a couple bottles of tonic and limes to make some good drinks.

Because the GF's family eats and drinks and eats and eats all day long. Word is: three kinds of pie and a chocolate torte. Or was that four kinds? Their other tradition: the women take a tipsy walk through the beautiful old Victorians and down by the river. I think I'll particularly enjoy that last bit.

Now, to avoid any major political brouhahas. I think I'd better make it through Christmas before I start pissing off the future in-laws....

Lisa B. said...

Doesn't this sound like the most delightful series of days ever. I want a full report on: the Ida Reds, the Monopoly game, when you actually eat, your hair, all the kinds of pie. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

Nik said...

Dear aj....I can see eating out sometimes. Lots of wine. No dishes.
And yet.
This toasting is a lovely tradition. I just cut up a loaf of bread earlier in the week and let it dry but this seems much more ritualistic. And involves wine drinking so much much better.