Thursday, November 13, 2008

Marathons I Might Run....if....

Here at Dr. W-MB Inc. we spent the evening watching "Run Fatboy Run" which we thoroughly enjoyed, given our devotion to physical humor and all things Simon Pegg.
Which leads to today's topic: if one were going to run a marathon, which one would it be?
To wit:
  1. London Marathon: of course, one would have to arrange to be in London in April, but we all make sacrifices, don't we?
  2. Reykjavik Marathon: because if you are going to run a marathon, why not in Iceland? Also, I love that one of the places for entertainment is called Lazy Town. You'll find me there.
  3. New York City Marathon: THE marathon. Really. Now, I know several people who have already run this, but they are real runners. I am more of an Oprah runner, if you know what I mean. Like, can I finish it? Will I beat Katie's time? (5:29. I'd say probably.) That's what I'm about. Also, can I drink the free beers offered to me along the race course?
  4. The Boston Marathon: Apparently the "world's oldest marathon." Except for the one that gave the marathon its name, right? Well, I'll never run that in my lifetime unless I suddenly sprout wings. I'd have to run like an 8:10 mile, which has never happened in the half, so I'm guessing I wouldn't run faster in the full marathon. Just a hunch.
  5. Paris Marathon: I'm guessing the route is amazing. Plus the French are usually sweaty and smell bad, so it wouldn't be much of a stretch to just go ahead and run. Plus, then you could drink gallons of wine and eat lots of things cooked in butter and say, "Oui, oui, I just ran ze marathon." So that makes it all worth it.
  6. Midnight Sun Marathon: I just like the idea of starting to run at 8:30 at night in the full sun. Sounds cool.
  7. Edinburgh Marathon: Because it's in Scotland. Also, they take runners rejected from London. Now isn't that just the Scottish way?
  8. The Great Wall Marathon: I mean, as long as we're dreaming.
  9. Phoenix: I'd run this one because I could see my family.
  10. Vancouver Marathon: I love Vancouver. And this course goes around Stanley Park. And then you could eat the most delicious food ever in Vancouver: Chinese, Indian, Thai, whatever you want. That would be worth it.


ErinAlice said...

I love that most of the marathons are related to the food you could eat and the beer or wine you could drink. That would make a marathon worth it. I would accompany you to some of these just for the atmosphere. I wouldn't run though. Just watch.

Nik said...

He. That does sound like fun. Erin's right--it's all about what you can eat while running. At least in my universe.

Lisa B. said...

I say you should run the whole tour des marathons.

lis said...

A friend almost had me talked into the Great Wall marathon once. Maybe later in my life, when my knees are about to give out anyway. I want to run a marathon on Baffin island which is sort of like the midnight sun one in Norway. I will go someday, maybe now especially since I live in canada.

you should run ny. it is beyond amazing. it took me three years to get in, so you better start signing up. it's so worth it.

chicago is also a cool marathon. lots of people and totally flat.