Friday, November 28, 2008

Sometimes America is just Stupid

Now, I am all full of hope and thanks, but stories like this remind me that sometimes Americans are heartless, selfish and just plain stupid. Sadly, I think this story represents the worst of American culture: shopping and violence. We seem to love both.
I stayed home today and bought nothing. MB went out and bought some stuff, which I'm not allowed to know about it.
Now I have to just try to forget that I know about this.
Sigh. That "Yes We Can" American-hopeful feeling sure didn't last very long. Maybe if I just hold still the feeling of despair will pass....


Nik said...

I know. It makes me embarrassed to be a human being. I too bought nothing. Shall I continue to buy nothing today? We shall see.

ErinAlice said...

I obviously hadn't checked your blog in awhile(I commented a few)...I saw this too and my opinion that WalMart is The 7th Circle of Hell has been now solidified. Holy Hell!! That is just ridiculous. Was it worth to get that crappy DVD player???