Thursday, January 15, 2009


  1. Set my alarm for 5:45 so I could run with my friend Peta.
  2. Got up at 5 when Son woke up to puke.
  3. Closed my eyes at 5:40 for about 10 minutes.
  4. Ran for 35 minutes.
  5. Went to school.
  6. Taught a poetry class (by "taught" I mean: read some poems aloud, talked about them, tried to get students to see poems as "made objects," enthused about language, tried to get them to talk, posed many dualities, wished them well)
  7. Sped to Son's school to eat healthy, salad lunch with him
  8. Got coffee at local shop (and biscotti!)
  9. Helped kids with math (this is WAY more difficult than it sounds and includes one nearly crying boy, one boy with incessant drawing disorder, manic math girls, one boy who is irritating simply because, and others)
  10. Helped kids write adjectives and nouns on papers, along with colorful pictures (this might not sound difficult, but they don't really get "adjectives": my favorite? Pimply Pickles...good job G.S.)
  11. Did the carpool thing successfully, despite large truck driving apple eating mother parked in cross walk (insert swearing rant here)
  12. Purchased dinner at Whole Paycheck (hello sushi!)
  13. Purchased necessary beverage at UDABC (can you say Big House Red?)
  14. Scrubbed the bathroom sink (why am I always the first one to be so grossed out I can't take it any more?? Why???)
  15. Made guacamole
  16. Ate guacamole
  17. Read this charming interview
  18. Drank wine with friend who has not lost her job despite today's layoffs at her place of employment (I'll drink to that!)
  19. Got Son to eat, shower, and pack his bag
  20. Ate dinner
  21. Watched some of "The Office" (Oh Dwight!)
  22. Put son to bed
  23. Ate m-n-m's, drank wine and watched "30 Rock" (Tina Fey, why do you remind me of Lis? Is it because you make funny? Or is it the cardigan?)
  24. Flipped through shows and decided, "Yes, they really are ALL that stupid." But isn't Rufus Sewell the bomb? (do they still say that? "the bomb"?)
  25. Filled in six crossword answers
  26. Listened to iPod while Facebooking
  27. Decided the iPod is the best invention EVER and that if Steve Jobs really is that sick, I could take over for him
  28. I can't name all the songs I heard, but here's who I love in no order: David Byrne, The Cardigans, Amadou & Miriam, Depeche Mode, Leonard Cohen, John Hiatt, Soul Coughing, Billy Bragg & Natalie Merchant, OutKast, INXS (the new), Cranberries.
  29. Did I forget to mention Justin Timberlake? Well then, Justin Timberlake!!
  30. Messaged with friend via Facebook
  31. Talked to husband when he came home from basketball
  32. Thought, "What the hell am I doing up this late? Don't I have to get up at 5:40 for swimming?"
  33. In the future, I will go to bed.


Lisa B. said...

I loved that interview too.

What a monumentally full day! Sheesh. I'm going to use your teaching definition as a template for all future teaching.

lis said...

14. I ask myself that question all the time.

23. Liz Lemon reminds me of me too! Maybe it's because I think I'm nice, but I'm really mean? And when do I wear cardigans? Well, I guess I have a couple.

Nik said...

Tell me: Do days like this make us feel we're getting the most out of life or that we're being run ragged? I suppose it depends on the overall mood and the road rage one develops between activities. I didn't know you were running with Peta! Tell her hi.

ErinAlice said...

First of all if son puked why did he go to school? Was it just a one time thing? You get up at 5:45 to run/swim?? You are nuts!! I too think the iPod is the greatest invention ever. Yes teaching math and grammar to small children is not for the faint of heart!!! I read a great article about Tina Fey in Vanity Fair. Did you read it? It was great and made me like her even more!! Well done. All of it!!

Limon de Campo said...

I did, like, half of what you a week.

Did MB tell you I ran into him? We were both out strolling in this fine weather.

Counterintuitive said...

3. amazing self-control

4. can I call an essay a “made object”?

11. would like to hear rant, please? (in-person would be fine)

21. some?? You need to improve on this

Aligates said...

Incessant Drawing Disorder? I must meet this kid. Or, form a band called Incessant Drawing Disorder.