Wednesday, February 18, 2009

HB, R!

Believe it or not, today Son is 8. Eight! I swear I just gave birth to that boy, carried his 10 pound body around inside my body, felt him turn and twist my guts.
He still twists my guts, but in different ways. He's adorable and smart. He's argumentative and a pain in the ass (where does he get that from?). He reads like crazy now (again, wherefore?), and he's getting so tall, he reaches my shoulder. I can still pick him up, but barely.
I love that he loves to watch "American Idol" with me, and we even voted last night. Why not? He loves The Beatles and REM, he got his first stitches last year (something tells me, not his last), he loves The Hardy Boys and Captain Underpants, he's an artist and a writer and a thinker.
I'm worried about going to London for 3 weeks, leaving him and Middlebrow. Oh, I know they'll be fine, but what about me? When I see a painting in the Tate, I'll think, "Son would love this." I hope I get to go back with both of them someday.
For now, I'll cherish the tiny moments, like last night, watching AI, when he pulled my arm around him, or when we speed-decorated 24 cookies for his birthday during the commercial breaks.
Happy Birthday, Son! Now please stop growing up. I can't take it.


Lisa B. said...

Wow! Happy Birthday! It is shocking, how fast those birthdays come and how, when you turn around, some other part of their younger selves has been left behind like shirts they've grown out of. You are right to love the littlest moments, because they are the whole fabric of life. Cookies cookies cookies and AI and arguments and books and little affectionate moments. And more cookies.

ErinAlice said...

I agree-they grow up way too fast and as always, I am late with his gift. Maybe I will just wait until he gets here!! Happy Birthday!! I am sure it won't be long before he is taller than you (and me). Sigh.

Renaissance Girl said...

Happy bday indeed. Thing 1's is next week. Didn't know we were cycling so closely, reproductively speaking. Yay for Son!

Nik said...

Happy Birthday! I know. Make the kids stop. It's ridiculous. Who needs kids who are as tall as them?