Thursday, February 19, 2009

What Happens in Chicago...You Know

Well, I am maybe partly recovered from Chicago. Enough to tell you my news, which is that on the first day of the conference of famous writers and writers who want to be famous and graduate students so naive and eager they still believe they one day they will be famous, I saw not a famous writer, no, but a famous actor, yes, lo behold, it was Helo (known to people who know him as Tahmoh Penikett, wha?) . I spent some time on-line trying to find out why he was in Chicago (it turns out, he's Canadian), and all I can figure is that he was doing press or it was for the big premiere of "Dollhouse."
So the rest of the conference was gravy. And what gravy! I had three delicious lunches (citiocafe, Epic Burger, Chutney Joe's) and three delicious dinners (Green Zebra, MK, Tamarind). I drank, well, a lot. I bought so many books, that my suitcase tried to escape from me while I was zipping it (like, hey, get away from me. Carry those books yourself, etc.).
I saw lots and lots and lots of people I love.
Also: one friend, who shall remain nameless, asked me where my husband was, then said, "What happens in Chicago, stays in Chicago." Was he flirting? Possibly. But we had just had a conversation about some delicate matters concerning the groinal region. Here's a hint. If you're trying to pick up a woman, don't tell her that stuff. Tell her, "I'm your husband." That's really (with me) the only way to guarantee success. (And yes, I'm forgetting about the waiter I kissed four years ago. I'm old. I forget stuff.)
I reignited my love for Jack & Ginger (even non-Jack Jack) and boy did I get tired.
Also: I had a conversation with Charles Baxter in the elevator. For what it's worth.
I also saw a guy who didn't give me a job in a small, Midwestern town four years ago. He said he did me a favor. He now lives in Alaska.
Had a free drink, didn't go to a Jeff Tweedy concert. Drank way too much on the first night. Will I never learn? No, apparently not.
Now, do I have tons and tons of work to do. Plus I'm sitting here in my running clothes. Apparently dinner is NOT going to make itself. Damn dinner.


lis said...

I am so jealous that you saw Helo. He's hot. I'm so glad he's on Dollhouse. love him.

Lisa B. said...

Uh, I had all of those lunches and dinners with you. Thanks for letting me stick to you like glue. It is sort of amazing how much fun can be packed into such a short span of time. Woo hoo!

Condiment said...

I am envious of these working holidays that you call conferences. This is a good racket!

Nik said...

Hey Mr. Condiment,
We worked our butts off. It's not easy to eat that many meals and drink that many drinks in so short a time. And we had to walk to those places. Or get a cab. Which you know for we westerners is not intuitive. So please, recognize the work. Also. I had to look for my hat. Which was exhausting!

ErinAlice said...

I am surprised they still pay for conferences with all the budget crap going on. I am glad you had fun and that you ate and drank. I don't know who that actor is but I plan on googling him when I get done here. I guess it is a good sign when men still flirt with you even though you are 40?? Husband might not agree!!