Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Blogging is Dead! Long Live the Blog!

Otterbutt was sitting on my couch yesterday (I know! I love Spring Break!), and she mused that perhaps the era of the blog was over, a victim of Facebook.
So, is blogging so 2005?
Maybe. But I was looking back over old posts, and if I hadn't blogged, I wouldn't have written down things that Son said, little ideas I had. I have them here forever. Is that a good thing? I think so.
Blogging allows for longer musing on ideas, and brief glimpses into each other's lives. I always look forward to reading what my friends (and strangers too) are thinking about, doing.
Facebook is fun, good for finding long lost friends, looking at pictures of other people's adorable kids. Wasting time on quizzes and what not.
I'm not ready to let go of the blog yet.


lis said...

yes, don't get rid of the blog!

AJ said...

I agree-don't get rid of the blog! I check it everyday to see what's new with Dr. Write...and I check Facebook only 1 or 2 times a week!

Lisa B. said...

please don't get rid of the blog! I love the blogging. I was talking with counterintuitive today about this--it's one way, I think, we have gotten to know one another better. Not the same as Facebook at all, I would say.

Counterintuitive said...

longer is better
no irritating sidebar ads
no stupid quizzes (sorry)
no pokes
Love live!

Condiment said...

blog is good. more blogging *superpoke*

theorris said...

I hate facebook even more now than I did when I refused to use it. I despise it, in fact. It is mayonaise with unsalted butter on top. There is zero creativity allowed on facebook. There is zero interest in it for me. I only use if for professional reasons.