Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Revisting an Old Post

At the book book group (as opposed to the wine book group) tonight, we discussed the movie "Closer" and I made some of my old complaints, which I made here, but then I really couldn't remember, specifically, what I didn't like about it, besides that I just kind of hated all the characters, and when I found the post, guess what? I couldn't remember because it's been nearly 4 years since I saw the movie!!
Is it just me, or does time have this weird fluid quality, kind of like water, kind of like taffy?
In any case, I didn't think it was so long ago. And the only way for me to remember what I really disliked about the movie is to resee it, which I just won't ever do.
So, I'll have to be content with reading my old post and going, "Hmmm..."


susansinclair said...

The GF and I just saw that recently, and I have to agree with what folks said. I hadn't realized it was a play--that explains so much. I guess I do still want to have an emotional connection with at least one of the characters...I don't need 'em to be all good or all bad, but I need that moral center you're talking about, even if it's a dodgy one.

Maybe I just don't want to dislike Julia. That bugs me.

susansinclair said...

Oh, and time=taffy. Definitely. Sheldon would agree, I'm sure.

Lisa B. said...

kind of like water, kind of like taffy

is a very good line.

Nik said...

I actually remember your post. And when I saw Closer, I remembered it again.

Condiment said...

I remember Closer overcoming my prejudice to hate it. I liked the theatrical nature of it, although usually I do not like these conceits. So, I can't tell you why I liked it; maybe we should have had this argument four years ago!