Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Instead of being gloomy, I will laugh.
Instead of being angry, I will join the slackers and imagine that I, too, am home in bed.
Instead of drowning my sorrows in fattening breakfast pastries, I will look at Lis's blog and pretend.
Instead of preparing for class, I will watch funny videos on Hulu.
Instead of grading, I will update my Facebook status to say "I'm not grading."
Instead of wondering what students do instead of schoolwork, I will make my own list of insteads.
Instead of saving money, I will buy expensive wraps and chips for lunch at Whole Foods.
Instead of drinking tea, I'll guzzle coffee by the gallon.
Instead of not, I'll drink wine on Tuesdays.
Instead of salad, I'll eat meat.
Instead of fruit, I'll eat chocolate.
Instead of black, I'll choose pink.
I will believe that spring is there, just out of our grasp, just around the corner, instead of trusting my senses, and the snow that continues to fall.


Lisa B. said...

I have had this post as a refrain in my head all day. Sometimes, you've just gotta go the long way around, because you've just gotta--this instead of that, because that is just . . . too . . . not the thing to do right now.

Michelle Marie said...

*awe hugs*

Persephone is peeking her head out from the underworld.. Still afraid of how her mother will react I suppose... Don't worry, Demeter will greet her daughter with open arms and we too shall bask in the warmth of their love...

Ink said...

What a wonderful post! Carpe diem!

Nik said...

It's important to take control of these things. If nothing else, it sounds like you have a plan to cope. Some of us don't even have an instead!