Sunday, March 29, 2009

Chowder for a Snowy Sunday

Fortuitously, we purchased some Snook at the local fish market yesterday. We thought we might grill it. HA! Today we awoke to a blizzard, so chowder seemed more fitting. I made this Cod Chowder, with the Snook of course.
I used more potatoes, some of which I mashed up to make the broth creamier. I used half-n-half instead of whipping cream. I added two cans of chopped clams with their broth and used only two bottles of clam juice. The Snook is still cooking, but it smells delicious.
I think the keys are: bacon and saffron.
*we ate it...and it was not only the best chowder I ever made, it was the best chowder we've ever had!!*


lis said...

that sounds yummy! i wish i had some right now. no blizzard here, but steady rain all day long.

Lisa B. said...

Bacon? and saffron? and snook? which, by the way, one of the funniest names for a fish ever. I want some a that.

ErinAlice said...

Oh how I wish I could still eat clams b/c that sounds fantastic. I can do without the blizzard though. Can't believe it. Isn't it spring. Officially I mean. What up with that?

Nik said...

A: There is no Aquarius here.
B: I don't know what Snook is.
C: So which is it? The best you had or the best you made?
D: Why can't Erin Alice eat clams?

Dr. Write said...

Yes, Snook is funny, something made up by Dr. Seuss, but luckily also delicious. It's a white fish. I went in looking for Halibut...but got Snook.
It was BOTH the best I've made and the best we've had (including restaurants!).
EA can't eat clams because of some genetic anti-seafood reaction which is recently kicking in with my family. I gag on shrimp, she can't eat some seafood, etc. It is sad. But one could make the chowder without the clams and/or clam juice.
There is but a bit left, which I am saving for tomorrow.

Nik said...

Thank you for the explanations! I had that I can't eat shellfish thing after an unfortunate clam and pinot noir incident. But that was temporary and this seems more intractable. But how delicious! Cheers to the snook and the chowder and the best of the best.

Lisa B. said...

Can we have a party where you make this chowder for all of us? I will bring the bread and a salad. And anything else, if you'll make the chowder. PLEASE.

Dr. Write said...

Of course! It is best in the cold and snow, but that may hang on for weeks! Weeks! Say when.

Samantha said...

The chowder looks really yummy!