Sunday, August 30, 2009

Am I The Only Sane One? Scary!

Sometimes, sometimes when I observe humanity, sometimes I think, "Am I the only sane one?"
To wit:
I like people. I like to hang out & laugh. That seems normal, right? Why do some people not like this?
I like to watch TV.
I like to waste time.
I love my husband. He's the only one I date/have sex with. Is this TMI? I apologize, but I'm afraid the world has gone crazy, with people having sex with not-their-partners or going on dates with same.
Really, crazy Avenues real estate people? Really? You're asking $730,000? Haven't you heard? We're having a recession. I'm sure you were invited.
I like tequila. Is that so wrong?
It seems like being extreme is in. Extreme diets (only one meal a day, only 500 calories, only blue food), extreme sports (run 100 miles in the dark, jump out of a helicopter, whatever), extreme positions (Glenn Beck is sane, we don't need universal health care). Why can't we just be moderate? Why can't we be like, I like to run just 5 miles and then eat. I like to have a beer too and then watch some TV on Hulu. This is my ideal life.
Sometimes, just to be crazy, I drink something with HFCS in it.


Renaissance Girl said...

You sound pretty not-insane to me. Though I'm tempted to try the all-blue-food diet. Perhaps at the end of it I'll be able to join the Blue Man Group.

Nik said...

I think you might be the only sane one since the blue food diet sounds good to me too. Just blueberries? What else is blue?
It's a sad state of affairs when running a bit and then eating a bit and drinking a bit and sleeping with your mate is the odd thing to do.
I use the word mate because my word verification is mismate, which could be good, like I miss my mate, or bad, like mismate=mismatch. I'm glad you and your mate are a good match.

Lisa B. said...

Nothing wrong with you. Hanging out and laughing is so good, it's sick. And the crazy Avenues real estate people . . . don't get me started.

mryonker said...

Man, you just described ME. So, amen. :)