Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Some Questions

  1. If an administrator speaks in an empty gym, does it make a sound?
  2. Isn't critical thinking a skill? Isn't it?
  3. Does absolute tequila corrupt absolutely?
  4. What is the exact weight, in tons, of the unreadable texts I will read this semester?
  5. If exercise doesn't make you thin (thanks Time magazine!), then does eating not make you fat?
  6. And, if so, how many cookies do I need to eat?
  7. Aren't all vegetable calories good? Like all those beets and that metric ton of tomatoes I ate?
  8. When's the next vacation?
  9. What's my theme song?
  10. How many days until the semester ends?
  11. What? It hasn't actually started yet?
  12. Shit.


Lisa B. said...

The next vacation is Labor Day. The one after that is Fall Break. Then Thanksgiving. Then Christmas. Yeah, I AM counting.

Steve Fellner said...

Serious, Lynn, are fruit calories good?

Dr. Write said...

Yes. And no.
They are simple carbohydrates, as opposed to complex (like veggies), so you body uses them faster. They are better than other sugars, because they come with fiber. But we definitely shouldn't eat too much.
I think a "serving" is half an apple, etc. But some melons (honeydew?) you can eat half a melon.
They are "good" in the sense that they are delicious. And I love them!!
I'm going to go eat some watermelon...

Renaissance Girl said...

Why is it so hard to convince students and administrators that critical thinking is a real skill? Hmmm....