Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How am I shallow? Let me count the ways: An end of summer catch all list

  1. Can't be bothered to listen to NPR any more...too depressing! It's KRCL all the time, except when I'm flipping to the country station, just for a sec, or to classic rock, but only if it's Rick Springfield.
  2. Can't be bothered to actually set up the on-line portion of my on-line class. Too busy....uh, something...
  3. Can't be bothered to crack the text books for class I have never taught before. Yeah, I've already read it, like, two years ago.
  4. Umm, is that coffee?
  5. Have you heard about my knee? First, when I walked, it was mobster pain, two guys with baseball bats and part of me begging, would you please hit me in the head and put me out of my misery? Ouch.
  6. My knee is 90% better. Maybe 99%.
  7. I soooo hope that Juliette Lewis (opening for Cat Power opening for the Pretenders) is a train wreck. Train. Wreck. That would be soooo entertaining.
  8. Do I need to wear mascara on the first day of class? Discuss.
  9. I saw on a magazine cover that Bradley was dating Renee and not Jennifer and I actually cared for, like, ten seconds.
  10. I haven't even started worrying about how my new syllabus increases my grading load.
  11. You know those emails that students send saying "what books do I need for your class?" or "where does our class meet?" I've taken to responding to them with the same tone they have written them, except I edit out all the swear words that my brain tells me to type. For example, one response, unedited, would have looked like this: "Check the fucking bookstore, idjit!"
  12. Oh, I feel much better now. I think I'll go get my eyebrows waxed.


Lisa B. said...

This is an excellent post which cheered me immensely. I have been getting e-mails from students since JUNE. God.

I have the Huffington Post on my iGoogle page, and lots of times I merely scan the headlines. And sometimes I just scan them lightly.

I have seen some pics of Juliette Lewis onstage and they look scary, which bodes well, I'd say.

susansinclair said...

I'm with you. Mascara is definitely optional for the first day of classes. Industrial strength antiperspirant, I can tell you from person experience, is not.

Nik said...

Yes. I like Outlaw Country now. NPR. Unless they're running clips of Barney Frank's responses to Nazi comments, I'm just about done.
Mascara. Yes. You look great in mascara.
Let me know how Juliette Lewis turns out. And applaud yourself for responding to emails about where to get books. You're still a good citizen-teacher.

Counterintuitive said...

NPR is depressing me too--as I predicted way back when Obama, as much as I like him, won't be able to fix all of our problems.

Thanks for tips on responses to students--short, no caps, blunt, edit for swearwords. Got it.

Now I need to know how to respond to the student from last fall who wants to discuss the failing grade he received.

ErinAlice said...

Yes emails from students are relentless. I got one from a student who had never ordered books online before???WTF??? Anyway, I did not say what came into my head. Enjoy the last of your summer. Mine ends Monday. I am sad.