Monday, August 31, 2009

Some Observations on the Recent Aquirement of the Cell Phone

  1. The only person who calls me on it? Middlebrow.
  2. Revise that: Middlebrow and Jane, my running partner. She texts to say, "Where are you? Why are you sleeping in?"
  3. Is it really necessary? Middlebrow called me from the car to tell me he was on his way home. I imagined that he was, but then he called and so I knew for sure. Did I need to know?
  4. Revise that: Verizon also sent me a text (or txt, I know!) to tell me I could manage my bill on line. Great!
  5. Revise that: I also got a call from various friends of Son or their parents to arrange play dates.
  6. The cell phone is a play date arranging device.
  7. To wit: I arrange play dates for Son, and running engagements for myself, which are really just adult exercise versions of play dates.
  8. Revise that: A colleague called to say she couldn't come over because her dog passed away.
  9. Is the cell phone a bad news delivery system? Do I need it in case bad things happen? For the inevitable bad things that will happen?
  10. Revise that: I also got a solicitation call. For Middlebrow.
  11. The only thing wrong with having my cell phone number be our old land line number is that I still get those "Want to give us money?" calls. And all the calls that are for all of us. Middlebrow gets only calls for himself, and some guy named Lee who used to have the phone number and is/was apparently a deadbeat.
  12. I think the idea is that my family will call me on it and I will call my family. So far, we've emailed each other to that effect, but no calls have taken place. I blame this on the beginning of the school year.
  13. I forget to turn it on, I forget to turn it off, I forget to charge it. So far, it has not rung in class, while I'm teaching, so I consider that a bonus.
  14. I don't ever want to get email on my cell phone.
  15. Revise that: I think my mom called me. Once.


Condiment said...

Congratulations on the purchase of your first cellular communication device! Nothing will ever be the same.

Lisa B. said...

I am afraid to say this, but I'm going to say it anyway: I want your cell phone number so I can text you. Charming, happy texts!

Nik said...

I heard, via the bad machine gossip of FB, that you got a cell phone. Your experience thus far sounds like mine to date. 5 years and counting. No one calls me. Except you when I'm in Salt Lake. And then I'm like, what's that noisy ringing thing? As you know, I never answer it. It's always off or at the bottom of some bag. I can't wait to get your number so we can not call each other.

ErinAlice said...

Mom is the one who told me you had a cell phone. I will call you today on it. And txt you. Hurray. Both!!

Counterintuitive said...

it WILL go off at some point in class--guaranteed. Mine went off already this semester.

Only my mother and wife call me; talking to mother usually not so great, talking to wife very good--actually the only time we can talk without kids interrupting us

You are now one of US--does middlebrow have one?

Michelle Marie said...

call me and give me your new number. I will send you texts and bother you all the time... =p Well, unless you would rather I didnt. hehe