Sunday, September 20, 2009

Blog as Secret Facebook

I feel I should quit revealing my private life on FB, so that leaves my blog, which I'm coming to think of as a more private facebook, not because it is somewhat anonymous, but because if I post on FB, say, that I ate donuts for breakfast or drank wine AND jack daniels last night, my exercise friends will scold me.
Or, if I post some liberal screed my conservative friends will berate me.
Or if I decry Dan Brown's latest book as the death of the American Novel, someone, no doubt, will find me out as the snob I am. (As if all my diatribes against vampire novels haven't outed me already...)
In short, I think I will have to revert to "professional" FB, which sounds boring, but is probably what it is for anyway.
Which means I'll have to post my after finding-of-Son-and-friend, in the car with the windows rolled up, swearing screed here:
"Get the BLEEP in the BLEEPing car right BLEEPing now!!!! Where the BLEEP were you? You stay in the BLEEPing front yard! If I ever BLEEPing find you BLEEPing in the BLEEPing alley, I'll BLEEPing kill you. Do you BLEEPing understand? Do you?"
Or something like that.
It's not pretty. But as I told Son last night, love isn't pretty. Nor is parenting.


Lisa B. said...

One of my high/low points as a mother happened when my middle daughter turned to the other children and said, "When was the first time you heard mom use the f-word?" Oh, yes, they all could name the date. Ahem.

I like your view vis-a-vis the blog and f-book. Let's have a blogging renaissance, is what I say.

Nik said...

That is some fine bleeping there my friend. Welcome back. Here, we'll protect your privacy, support your bleeping, drink with your drinking and eat a donut with your donuts. And not call you a snob if you choose to spell doughnut correctly.
Also. Dan Brown supposedly wakes up at 4 in the morning to write. A sign that perhaps the lazier writer is the better one.
Now, resume telling son to get out of that bleeping alley.

Anonymous said...

Did you see the recent New Yorker article on cursing mothers and their cocktails?

aj said...

I love your blog and read it even when I don't visit fb. Have found fb to be more draining than really worth in most instances.

theorris said...

The professional facebook is the way I roll. I will never have it any other way, and bleep all that say otherwise.