Saturday, September 26, 2009

Son's First Day of School

This picture is just too good not to post. It shows Son on his first day of school. Can you see his attitude oozing from every pore? It's saying "Mom and Dad, don't embarrass me. Just don't. Stop!" I will always remember his first day of school this way. He looks so handsome in his new shirt. And he hates me.
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ErinAlice said...

I love this picture. Awesome. And I love his stats. I am sure he will learn the meaning of exasperated very soon and will be using it in sentences like: Mom you are exasperating me!!

Condiment said...

Really really great.

Lisa B. said...

What an excellent picture. And what fun you'll all have talking about it for years to come, seriously. Well done, you, for capturing this!