Monday, September 07, 2009

Lack of Sleep? Or Reality?

Now that two weeks of school are over and done, and the third about to begin, I must confess I feel a bit sick, sort of a nauseous-anxiety-dread. Also, I must confess that the last two nights I have slept very little, both nights because of, perhaps, too much food + red wine, and also, last night at least, because crazy Gus kept whining/coughing.
So what is causing my nausea-anxiety-dread? Is it simply a lack of sleep? Will I wake up tomorrow thinking that the world is peachy keen and that all one needs in life is a balance of waking and sleeping time?
Or...or, dear readers, is the confluence of lack of sleep mixing noxiously with Obama education-speeching hysteria & Glenn-Beck Day declaring insanity?
What I'm saying, beloved ones, is maybe it's NOT just a lack of sleep but a too large dose of reality? I mean, people are hysterical. Mayors are declaring Glenn Beck Day (maybe it's just the one, but that is one too many).
Oh, on this Labor Day, I am a downer.
I will get some rest and check back in with you tomorrow.


Lisa B. said...

I felt slightly encouraged by Obama's Labor Day speech, supposed to be a preview of his Wednesday night address. I hope he lights it up.

But I do endorse sleeping. Also napping, if you can get it.

susansinclair said...

I think you need to withdraw a little from the more annoying aspects of reality. Like, turn off the NPR and avoid all current news. (Avert your eyes! Stick your fingers in your ears and go la-la-la-la!)

I, on the other hand, am suffering from a heavy dose of head-cold-reality. I am such a whiner.

Julie said...

oh my. sounds like we had about the same kind of day. i, too, couldn't sleep, that's one reason i didn't make it to xfit today. My family has all attacked me about my standing on the health care issue. (you can read it on my fb). i can't believe that this type of debate has made it so even families aren't safe. it's nuts out there. I'm just going to stay here in my own little world and pretend that nothing is wrong. is that wrong?

Renaissance Girl said...

wait--Glenn Beck Day? Did someone declare such a thing? Please, please tell me it wasn't somewhere I live...