Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lessons: The Last List!

I'm pretty sure I've run out of wise things to say, but that won't prevent me from offering this fourth and final list.

  1. Drink lots of water.
  2. Hug people every day (preferably your family and friends, but strangers work too, if they are willing)
  3. Go see live music. It is always fun.
  4. Have coffee with friends, weekly. You DO have time, and it reminds you why your life is great.
  5. Play games, whatever kind you like. I like cribbage, Settlers of Catan, Mastermind and any card game. Also: tennis.
  6. Read things. Preferably (for me) novels, but also blogs and newspapers. And mysteries.
  7. Breathe deeply.
  8. Remember who you were and thank her for getting you to this point. Forgive her for the stupid things she did, for without the stupid things, you wouldn't be who you are.
  9. Life is too short for envy.
  10. Be generous to a fault.
  11. Don't forget the past, but keep moving forward.
Here's hoping I learn some other new things in this next year.


Nik said...

These are my favorite 11. I will take them to heart--especially, yes time for coffee. Yes, time to breathe. Yes, time to hug and to read. Thanks for reminding me to say yes and that there is time.
Happy Birthday my good friend!

Counterintuitive said...

Funny you'd say hug people as your hubby is the biggest anti-hugger I know.

Lisa B. said...

Happy birthday! I have loved these lists.

ErinAlice said...

Great list-wow the big 41. Life is good!!

Renaissance Girl said...

re: hightouch's post: *I* would LOVE your sugar cookie recipe.

Renaissance Girl said...

And, oops--I forgot to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY. That's what happens when I go to the cookie place.