Friday, January 01, 2010

Also Forgotten: March

I didn't forget most of this, but here's what I did: took Son to Phoenix for Spring Break where we went to the zoo with the cousins

And went rock hounding with Grandpa Jerry

This was lights off night, or whatever it was called, and we lit candles and played Blokus with Son.
One day we went to the Bird Refugee with Son. I had sort of forgotten this, but I remember it was fun.

I didn't forget this awesome chowdah, made with snook and bacon. I will make it again my friends!


Lisa B. said...


Love that pic of son on lights out night.

Also, this series reminds me that I am already looking forward to Spring Break. Already.

Nik said...

I remember now! The snook! Hey, where's February?
And, it's true. If you're already to March, then it must almost be summer.

Dr. Write said...

Nik, February is down below January. It took me awhile to recall January.

Nik said...

Ahh. Forgive me for being slow. I'm still pregnant.

ErinAlice said...

I remember the zoo-they all look so young there!!! Good times.