Sunday, January 03, 2010

Forgotten dates: AWP Chicago

So I went to Chicago for AWP, and I thought maybe it was April, but it turned out it was February. I got to see these lovely people, the Erik/Erics.
And this awesome painting. (I can't remember who painted it, but I'm sure I wrote it down somewhere)
And I had more than one lovely meal with Lisa B, which is a coup in and of itself. I think this was the delicious vegetarian restaurant that Lisa scouted out with her super sleuth skills.
I'll try to figure out what happened in April. If anything.


Renaissance Girl said...

I think I recognize that flatware. Is that my FAVE vegetarian restaurant?

Nik said...

That was a delicious dinner! Did we eat morels? Cauliflower?

Dr. Write said...

Yes, RG, I think so.
And yes, Nik, we will eat. More and more.

Lisa B. said...

We had some delicious dinners in Chicago, for sure. It is your restaurant, RG--I got the idea to go there from you.