Tuesday, November 16, 2010

In Which My Son Becomes Hypergraphic

If I ever doubt my efficacy as a mother and a writer (and if you have found your way here, you know I do), my doubts have been assuaged, nay, slaughtered, by my son's recent foray into the form of the epistolary novel. The name of it, which I have coined from the names of his characters, is Letters from Parsel, Beestower, Night Jade and Kwen. 
Let it be hereby known that:

  1. My son is a geek
  2. Those names make me feel like I'm trapped in a bad fantasy novel
  3. My son has written more today than I have in the last month, AND
  4. The above make me feel like a wild success as a writer/mother
So rather than wallowing, let me just say Huzzah! And as long as Son doesn't stow the letters beneath his bed in the style he is wont to do (i.e. like a homeless person acquiring fuel for a long winter's night), I will remain, ever,

Proud Mother


Renaissance Girl said...

Geez, that's great! Thing 1 lamented like a widow every time I asked him to do a journal entry on our Italian trip. It's still not finished.

Lisa B. said...

This rocks, and you are entirely justifiable in your motherly pride. Maybe *you* should start an epistolary novel? Or install some epistolary in your current novel? Just a thought. Hurray for writing, at all ages.

Condiment said...

Methinks Middlebrow knows a thing or two about bad fantasy novels... and he turned out okay... I guess!

Middlebrow said...

Yea sir. Methinks I turned out fine, with my +5 Long Sword, and my trusty Dwarf sidekick.

Nik said...

Are there maps in the book? Maps of other worlds?

Anonymous said...

That is awesome. I think those names are awesome! He will,I'm sure, regale the girls with numerous stories next summer. Who knows, by that time, he may have a complete novel already written.


Jenny Colville said...

Oh, that's lovely. My son's most literary achievement is knowing all the lyrics to the Barney theme song -- but he's only two -- there is still hope.