Thursday, November 18, 2010

To Be Read in a Robot Voice

Things I did today:

  • Took the dog to the Avenues dog park where he lost the ball, chewed the ball, refused to surrender the ball
  • Called my mom on the (dreaded) cell phone
  • Had coffee at Starbucks with my Crossfit homies
  • Shopped at Costco for veggies, nuts & cheese (and spent less than $100 thus undoing the "Hundred Dollar Store" curse)
  • Ate
  • Went to my office where I tried to help a student understand sentence boundaries; success unknown
  • Observed presentations in my novel writing class
  • Watched TV
  • Scrubbed the refrigerator (almost forgot this one!)
My life is not exciting but may somehow be made exciting through the vigorous application of a robot voice & a liberal dose of whiskey. 

I will pause now so that you may reflect. 

1 comment:

Nik said...

This day is similar to my day although I tried to undo some sentence boundaries. But at the dreaded Sam's Club I too spent less than $100. We should robot dance together to celebrate (p.s. you'd have broken the $100 mark here because you can buy good whiskey at the Flag Sam's Club.)