Saturday, November 27, 2010

Proud to Be An American

Now, before you go singing that song, which is basically the musical equivalent of the phrase "Freedom isn't Free" and a bumper sticker that reads "Ask me how I feel about America!" and also something slightly more red-necky, let me just say that what made me feel proud this week has nothing to do with traditional patriotism.
Sometimes I have serious qualms about this project we call America, not because of our politics which are, let's face it, in a state of near patheticism, but culturally. I think we are best known for things like "American Idol" and "Jersey Shore" and Taylor Swift. Where is the art, my people, wherefore the Big Ideas?
Well, this week I was made proud on two counts by the same work of art; proud as a mother, and proud as a member of the culture that produced said work of art. And what, my friends, was this little gem?
It was this week's episode of "Glee." Yes, hokey songs and choreography, yes emotionally manipulative. But, the message was timely and oh so important: those of us who are not gay or bullied have to stand up for those who are. Yes, we need to love our (metaphorical and literal) brothers.
I am proud to be part of the culture that produced this art, knowing full well that there are still people out there who will speak out against it.
This episode brought me to tears. And it brought Son to tears. Sometimes I think he is too much boy, not feeling enough, not given to bouts of sympathy. But it made him cry, even if he didn't quite understand the implications of it. And that made me proud.


ErinAlice said...

I saw bits and pieces of this episode, isn't this the one with Teenage Dream? Many of my friends commented on the episode as well. Glad there is still some worthwhile television out there. :)

Nik said...

I'm so behind on my Glee. But I love this post and I can't wait to see you and Son. You both better regale me with some good Glee-like singing when I get there.

Lisa B. said...

I need to start watching this show. I seriously cannot believe that I do not watch this show! I loved this post. This post will get me in gear, Glee-wise.

Susan N. said...

I am proud that you encourage your son to watch. Awesome mama!

Jane said...

Loved that episode.

Counterintuitive said...

Yes, indeed. My teens had to convince me to watch Glee--I had no idea the art being produced there. We too teared up a bit this last week, especially when Finn dances with Kurt.

Unfortunately my kids tell me that many of their mormon friends are not allowed or are being encouraged not to watch the show. Oldest teen gets hammered with anti-gay comments when he mentions the show or post about it on FB.