Monday, November 22, 2010

What's My Motto?

Over round there at Hightouch, she is thinking about mottos and whatnot.
Seeing as how I am now a Level 1 Crossfit Certified Trainer (TM), I feel I need a motto that reflects the various facets of my personality, my English PhD-ness, my Crossfitty self, my bad mothering. You know, all of me.
  • Fixing your grammar and your air squat
How's that? It seems a little literal and perhaps too long. Also, not catchy.
  • Dr. Crossfit, Bitches
Seeing as how I am not really a doctor, this might not work.
  • I'm not your mother, I'm a writer with a stopwatch.
Again, not catchy. And really wouldn't make sense to anyone but me. And maybe one other person.
  • Often confuses Crossfit with Mothering
Yeah, that would go over well at the gym...and at home.
  • Ridding the world of bad form across broad time and modal domains
Oh yeah, that's it. Again, only a few people will get it.

I used the slogan generator that Hightouch linked to. Here's my favorite:
  • Something happens after a pull up

Enough said.


Lisa B. said...

Oooh, well done. Although I'm partial to Dr. Crossfit. It has a ring to it.

ErinAlice said...

Yes I am with Lisa. I vote for Dr. Crossfit but you have to say Bitches or something similar after it. That embodies your Phd-ness and badassedness all in one (is that even a word?) OH and I like your new design.

Jane said...

I like the "across broad time" one...but you need a writing reference...."across broad time, modal domains and verb tenses.". How about that. Also like the "something happens after a pull up." intriguing.