Monday, April 11, 2005

Another School Holiday

Today marks the beginning of my (most recent) failed attempt to get up at 6 a.m. to write. I used to be a morning person, and then I had a child, which forces one to become a morning person in a different sense. So "sleeping in" becomes some kind of mythic Camelot which you hear a lot about but never actually experience yourself. So you set your alarm to get up early. Why fight it? I finally got out of bed at 6:45 and began typing around 7. Son got up at 7:30 and I let him watch PBS for an hour. (read= I'm a bad mom). He has a school holiday today (for Parent-Teacher Conferences) which means that as I type he performs various experiments on my hair using a wrench and a tape measure (you think I'm kidding, but I'm not!). I promised him a trip to the local library, which probably will involve a stop at the store that has a train to play with and maybe a visit to the health food store where he can play with the fake kitchen. He told me not to invite any of his friends. He wants to put gel in his hair. These are the concerns of my Monday.
Also: I am trying to write a "politically inspired" story, which started out fun, but maybe is turning too didactic, as in lots of words I feel the need to capitalize like Democracy In Action. It actually started out kind of funny with a parody of one of my grammar teachers from jr. high who never bathed (that's not the funny part!). Anyway, any hints from you political folks on how to be funny AND political without being boring and strident? Again, I hang on your every word. Ciao!

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Sleepy E said...

Dr. Strangelove?

(frowning terribly)
Did he just say something about precious bodily FLUIDS?

Wag the Dog also has some decent Mamety lunacy in it. Then again, these are movies, right?