Thursday, April 07, 2005

In the Dog House

I am in the dog house because I stayed out too late last night. My fabulous (and I do mean fabulous) friend had his book release party and I lost control. I rationalize this by explaining that I so rarely lose control that when I do, I really lose it. I told Middlebrow I left my copy of the book in "some guy's car" and he guffawed loudly. Then he said, "some guy?" I do know exactly where I left it, and I even know the guy's name, so I'm hoping to get it back soon. And besides, that guy was fabulous too. Every one was so fabulous that there was lots of kissing and arm rubbing and general giddiness at our collective good fortune at being so fabulous and sexy and being in the company of other people who are equally fabulous and sexy. With so much fabulous, sexy energy, can I be blamed for not remembering that I am married with an adorable child? Can I be blamed for not recalling that phones exist and should be used after 10 p.m., especially when one's incredibly caring and understanding mate might, conceivably, worry about the status of his beloved, especially when she is surrounded by fabulous, sexy people who might not think twice about exploiting his absence? I ask you, can I be held accountable under such taxing and fabulous circumstances?


Nik said...

It seems that the spirt of the night required "momentary amnesia," which is not to say that all is excusable, but mustn't one occasionally forget who one is so when they remember, they appreciate it all the more. For instance, what's the likelihood one would want to go out until the wee hours of the morning again in the very near future? Almost zero. What's the likelihood one wants to come home from work to said adorable husband and child? Almost 100%. So. Of course, when my paramour stays out without calling, I remind him for weeks that I thought he was "dead. Dead! Do you want me to lie in bed imagining your head bashed open in a parking lot?" Why it's a parking lot where he'll meet his demise, I'm not sure. So. Who likes two in the morning anyway.

Lisa B. said...

The short answer to your question is "no."

Or "yes, but only a little."