Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Voice of Reason and Sympathy

Finally! A woman who has some power and seems, well, nice and reasonable (check out this column at The Chronicle). Maybe I made a mistake in being a Humanities person, maybe I should have gone into science. She seems downright sane! I really enjoyed this column because she acknowledges the importance of female role models to women in academia. And I like how she refers to herself as a mammal. It's factual, but it happens so rarely. And she points out that you have to be married to someone supportive. So important! She's basically just right, that's all.

I am now, offically, finished with teaching for the semester. Hooray! Now the hard part: grading. It should be fairly straightforward as I have read most of the materials before. I will now retreat to the Grading Grotto. This definitely calls for a Cabana Boy. If only we had the sunshine to go with it. . .sigh. Summer's just around the corner. Right?

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