Saturday, April 30, 2005

Middlebrow's Vacation

Middlebrow has been gone for approximately 24 hours (okay, more) and here's what I've done:
  1. Nursed Son back to health (he was puking for about 10 minutes)
  2. Took Son and Friend to see "Discovering Saturn" at the Planetarium. Thank goodness for the Planetarium. Friend fell asleep and woke up when the rocket blasted off. "I wasn't asleep," he said.
  3. Took Son and Friend to Expensive Grocery Store. They had Fruit Salad. I had Potato Salad and Diet Coke. MMMM.
  4. Had Free Meal at Friend and 2 Biologists house. Pizza and guacamole. Middlebrow should go out of town more often. I socialize more when he's away.
  5. Dropped Son off at 2 Biologists. I graded papers while Son and Friend played.
  6. Went for a run with Mrs. Biologist while Son rollerbladed with Friend.
  7. I just made cherry and chocolate biscotti to take to 2 Biologists house. They are having a dinner party and invited me. Mrs. Biologist is making paella. Super Yum! I also bought a sweet wine and some decaf coffee to accompany said biscotti. It was my first time making biscotti, so I hope no one chokes.

This is my crazy life. Son naps nearby on couch. I used the old "read a book while I check my email" trick. Works every time. He acquires much needed rest for another evening of out-of-control playing with Friend while the adults socialize and drink much-needed wine.

Tomorrow I plan to grade (I think my goal is 5 per day. What lofty goals!) and drink coffee. I think I will let Son watch a vulgar amount of Sunday TV. Luckily his favorite is "This Old House." Maybe when he grows up he'll redo our kitchen. A Mom can dream, can't she?


Lisa B. said...

Coffee plus grading. Hmm. Is this as good as a trip to L.A.? I'm assuming that these things average out over time. Otherwise, I myself would have a tendency to get a little bitter. Actually, even if things did average out over time, I would be a little bitter. But that's one of the little flaws that makes me the charming human being that I am.

middlebrow said...

Of course, we must put this in the larger context. Dr. Write went to AWP in Vancouver for three nights. Hobnobbing with famous writer types. Having cocktails and intellectual chit chat, etc. Let's face it: creative writers just have more fun.

Still, Middlebrow does owe Dr. Write for this one. No doubt about that.

Lisa B. said...

Man, I need to get in with the in crowd. While I really enjoyed AWP this year, I think my failure to have been a part of a creative writing degree (plus the fact that I was a married mom of three, and got pregnant--twice!--during my grad school years) means that I never got going with the hobnobbing aspect of being a creative writer.

Larger context, my ass.