Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Back to Work!

I just wrote 1,119 words on the new "new" novel. It's the same as the old novel, but with a new way into the story. I think it will work, and in any case it is giving me a structure that will make it easier for me to move forward. I had to get Son to take a nap in order to do it. And ignore the cleaning I should be doing right now because my dad is coming through on his way to Pennsylvania. Plus there are a lot of dishes in the sink. And there are some dead bugs lying in various locations around the house. I think writing, really writing, means just ignoring other things and sitting at the computer. Unfortunately, I'm often very bad at ignoring other things. But I think I could learn to ignore cleaning and the dirty dishes. Yes, I think I'll become very good at that.

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Lisa B. said...

I wrote an entire master's thesis by being a tyrant about naptime. At the time, I had three children (!), and I made them not only take naps, but at the exact same time, which gave me between 1 and 2 hours daily to write, by hand, a 100 page manuscript. This may have been my finest hour, and perhaps everything since has been a decline. I shall ponder this thought while avoiding housecleaning.