Monday, May 23, 2005

Phoenix Redux

Boy am I glad to be back in the land of reasonable temperatures. 80 today. I can handle that.
Here's a run down of all the Phoenix happenings:

High temperature during vacation in Phoenix: 112
Number of days spent at swimming pool: 3
Most expensive swimming pool excursion: $3.50 (for entire Middle-Write-Son family at pool with two slides and three pools!)
Number of books completed: 2 (Sight Hound and Unconditional Parenting)
Number of trashy magazines read: 1 (Only People! Suprise Wedding! Who the hell is Kenny Chesney?)
Number of Margaritas consumed: 3? (one at a restaurant, the SuperBigGulp of margaritas! Two at my mom's retirement party from machine rented from company named "I Need A Margarita")
Number of flamingoes planted in my mother's front yard in celebration of her retirement by a company named "Flamingoes by Night": Unknown. I'd guess 50? I didn't even notice because my step-father has some flamingoes in the backyard anyway, and I thought maybe I just didn't notice that he had put some in the front yard.
Hours spent in car (roundtrip): 24
Number of vegetables Son consumed on vacation: 0
Orders of fries Son consumed on trip: 3
People in our house who are upset because they missed the season finales of Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy: 2


Lisa B. said...

sounds about par for the course for a family vacash, with the exception of the flamingos, whew!

I had a lovely time once in Phoenix in late March/early April. The air smelled like orange blossoms. The summer, however, is utterly brutal, temp-wise. I lived in Tucson for 3 years as a young teen, and you pretty much have to have access to a pool or die. Our neighbors had a good-sized doughboy pool, and we all lived in it, pretty much. Glad you're back!

Nik said...

Welcome back!
Only 3 margaritas? What's the point of a special margarita machine if you're going to count?
It is sad about the season finales.
Channel 2 just broke news (somewhat like wind) that an extreme high temperature warning has been announced for Southern Utah, Nevada and Arizona.
Welcome to Global Warming. Let it flood!