Sunday, May 29, 2005

Tennis, Tennis, and more Tennis

We are now solidly into Grand Slam tennis season with the beginning of televised tennis. I'm happy to see that both Williams sisters are out of the mix (Serena was never in it; out with a sore ankle. Venus eliminated by a fifteen-year-old!). Unfortunately, Capriati is out too (injured?). Davenport carries all American hopes now, which are few (love Davenport, but she's slow). My new favorite is Sharipova. She's Kornikova (sic) with game. She made over $800,000 last year in prize money alone. Check her out in The New Yorker (in a camera ad).
The American men are out too. Every year I root for Agassi knowing full well that he is no competition for the young Latin men (Spanish AND South American). I don't want to like Roddick, but he's fun to watch. I despise Hewitt (a combination of the facts that he's a racist pig and he's arrogant). I like Guga, but I'm not sure what he's doing this year.
Wimbeldon is my favorite. Again, it's nostalgia. I remember the finals of my youth, eating strawberries early in the morning while watching the epic matches of MacEnroe and Borg. Of course, I rooted for Borg. But now I love MacEnroe as a commentator, he's lost none of his arrogance, but at least he makes fun of himself. And he seems to prefer women's tennis, which you have to love.
My guess is that Sharipova's going all the way. I have no idea who will win the men's side.
This season always makes me want to play more tennis, so hopefully that will happen too.


Lisa B. said...

How come you hate the Williams sisters? I can't make myself love Sharapova. We watched her last summer at Wimbledon, and I just could not make myself root for a tall blond girl.

I confess to feeling there's something less than democratic about tennis. Show me the error of my ways?

Dr. Write said...

I don't "hate" the Williams sisters. Actually, Serena used to be my favorite because she's so strong. I'm just glad they don't dominate like they used to. I don't like to see anyone (or any two)win every tournament. That's why the men's game used to be so boring: Sampras, Sampras, Sampras. So now that the Russians are playing better it's more interesting. I confess, I don't "love" Sharapova (she is a bit pretty) but she's fun to watch.

Sleepy E said...

Compton represents!

Lisa B. said...

Maybe it's because I'm only loosely aware of tennis, but it seems to me that the halcyon summer of the Williams wasn't really all that long. So I've loved rooting for them, and hate to see them lose, esp. Serena, because she's so strong. I also liked seeing her beat that annoying Martina Hingis. I love the whole Williams story, too.

Sleepy E said...

Don't hate, Dr. Write! Don't hate!