Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Last Day of School

Today is Son's last day of school. When I asked him if he was sad, he said no. But then he asked if I had signed him up for summer school. Summer school is about four times as expensive as regular school, so no.
We've already signed him up for Tee Ball (which begins in June). Soccer ends next week, and we're going to sign him up for swimming lessons sometime. How much activity does a four-year-old need?
Having a child means waxing nostalgic about the summers of my youth, when I would wake up in the morning when it was still cool, but you could feel how hot it was going to get. My favorite times were walking with my sisters to the tennis courts (which were not close, about a twenty minute walk) for our summer lessons. We all had crushes on our tennis teacher, a high school boy with black hair. He asked us trivia questions about Althea Gibson and threw tennis balls at our racquets. The next year we all went to see him in the high school production of "Kiss Me Kate." Needless to say, this did nothing to end our crushes. One year I took golf lessons because the tennis lessons were full. What I liked most about golfing was the club house, complete with soda and jawbreakers.
My other favorite summer memories are of the racquet Club. We would spend all day at the pool. They had a snack bar with french fries and frozen yogurt, which was containers of yogurt that they put in the freezer. I think they also had frozen candy bars.
I feel like this summer is about getting enough exercise to counteract the amount of beer, chips and popsicles I will invariably consume. Also, I want to go to Otter Butt's house and sit in her kiddy pool with her. We could drink some nice non-alcoholic ice tea. Also, I want to read a trashy novel. So far my summer reading has been way too highbrow. Maybe I'll do some book reports ala seventh grade. Speaking which, remember Lizard Music?


Nik said...

So far, the kiddie pool has been inundated by dogs. But perhaps we can get our OWN kiddie pool and kick the dogs out.
Either way, popsicles and ice tea for all!

Lisa B. said...

Yesterday, when I was driving my son to Arby's, we got caught in a roadwork-related traffic snarl that reminded me of another of the nostalgic smells of summer--hot asphalt and road tar.