Friday, June 22, 2007

It's Too Damn Hot Update

First, there have been questions about what, exactly, happened to Gus. We took him to a dog park and he got bit by a dog. It was partly our fault, as we let him play rough, etc. But the other dog got him good: punctured his ear. He seems to be okay, though we are constantly worried that it is infected. We did take him back to the dog park and he played with a nice dog, Baxter.
Currently he is sleeping on his doggy bed in front of the air con.
Oh yes, have I mentioned that it's too damn hot? I know, it's not yet July. Summer just offically started. How can I already be complaining? It's because complaining is an art form I have perfected.
Last night I had to restort to fruity drinks. But I was too hot to make my own delicious fruity drinks (which also might have required a drive to the liquor store in the too hot car), so I bought the bottled kind of fruity drinks that one can purchase in grocery stores here. Yes. A new low. But not quite as low, I might point out, as the time last summer that I purchased Bartles and James margaritas. Did they taste like margaritas? No they did not. Were they fruity? Yes they were.
Last night was spent on the couch with said fruity drinks watching "The Office" marathon which was just a sad excuse to promote "Evan Almighty" (which I will go see, btw). And then I had to watch "Studio 60" imploding on itself. I love this show. I adore it. But even I am beginning to hate it. Gone is the snappy, witty dialogue. Gone the romantic comedy element that we love so well. Gone the brief views of the writers' room with the deadpan headwriter and the witty British Lucy. It's devolved into melodrama. But even so. I love to see Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford and that Harriet. I will cherish the few, final, terrible episodes. I will. Because it's all I have left.
Except for "Entourage." Ari Gold has to be the best character. Ever. I can't even dislike him, because I love him so much. He has the best lines. His wife has some good lines too. As do his assistants. We're on season 2, so don't ruin it for me, those of you who are in the know.
Writing? What writing?


Condiment said...

I remember drinking Jim Beam & Cola In a Can when I lived in New Orleans. That was pretty low. But not as low as drinking 40s or Orange MadDog or something like that.

ErinAlice said...

Okay well fruity store bought drinks aren't the WORST thing. Yes I can relate cause it's been Too Damn Hot here for quite some time. I don't know though I must be immune or just really good at limiting my time outside cause it's not too bad. But of course it's all relative. 95 for us is a "cooling period". Cheers!!!

susansinclair said...

1. Mmmmmmm fruity drinks.
2. Tea tree oil. Good for nasty puncture wounds on animals, so that one can avoid expensive trips to the vet for antibiotics. (Of course, the animal will develop a Pavlovian skittishness in response to the odor, as in "Don't put that stinky stuff on my head!!")

Lisa B. said...

Poor, poor, Gus, though his spirits appear to be good. I have resumed my summer routine, which is get up, make vat of iced tea, drink iced tea. With ice.

Counterintuitive said...

Crap, I meant to catch the last few episodes of Studio 60. I really wish the show had made it for all the reasons you list. Speaking of Bradley Whitford, we enjoyed him in a brave little 12 year old romantic comedy just yesterday: Little Manhattan.