Saturday, June 09, 2007

ErinAlice + HighTouch = Dr. Write

Borrowing from the inventive genius of ErinAlice and HighTouchMegaStore, I have found inspiration for a new post: A combination of Conversations with Son, and Some of Us.

Son: Bacon comes from pigs.
Son's Friend: Animals are made from meat. Like cows are meat. And we are meat.
Son: No. We're made of water. You're mostly water.
SF: And meat.
Son: Mom, are we meat?
SF: We are meat.

Recent accomplishments from the domestic sphere of Dr. Write and Middlebrow:
  • Some of us have finished the final chapter of our dissertation
  • Some of us have learned how to swim (back float and arm part of crawl)
  • Some of us are still reading Cloudsplitter (9 months and counting)
  • Some of us stayed up late every night watching at least 3 episodes (per evening) of "The Office" Season 2
  • Some of us spent all morning trying to figure out how we could watch Season 3
  • Some of us can't sleep at night because we are secretly worrying that Pam and Jim will/will not get together (if they get together, the show will fall apart/be cancelled)
  • Some of us have started and abandoned several novels we were reading this week
  • Some of us have lost confidence in our ability to finish any writing project longer than 25 pages
  • Some of us need a schedule to get any work done
  • Some of us run because it makes us feel like we have accomplished something, anything, please god, I just want the feeling of having finished something
  • Some of us need some friends to distract us (hint, hint)


ErinAlice said...

So great! I need to make sure I write more because I tend to forget if I don't. also, smithereens, funny!! I haven't heard that in years, or them for that matter. I am taking an online class and although my to do list hasn't gotten any smaller I feel very productive calculating different ways of expressing N....yawn. Keep up the conversations. I think they are funny and the girls like them too!!

Lisa B. said...

I have felt an urgent need to communicate this with you all day: I, too, am obsessed with Jim and Pam. I feel as worried about them and their situation as if they were real people I knew. Or, as if they were me. How, how???? to watch season 3? I will find out from my genius media-scammer son-in-law and get right back to you.