Thursday, June 14, 2007

Nothing + Nothing = Nothing

Here's an update on what I've been doing: nothing. Well not strictly nothing, but nothing productive. Son was supposed to be in a language camp this week, but there were not enough people signed up, so it was canceled. Which means that we've been holed up, plus MB's computer troubles, so you can probably imagine for yourselves the domestic drama that we've been embroiled in.
What have I been obsessing over this week? Thanks for asking. My current obsessions are
  1. Entourage
  2. The Sopranos
  3. The Office, and all that entails: John Krasinski, Evan Almighty, Toby, etc.
  4. Studio 60: Why does it have to end, sob, sob, etc.
  5. New Music: I need some, I'm getting bored, etc.
  6. I'm not writing
  7. Maybe writing doesn't matter, after all, when I'm dead, I'll be dead, not looking down from above saying "Look how much everyone enjoys my writing!"
  8. Swimming
  9. Running (I'm doing a 5K on Saturday)
  10. Reading shallow things
  11. Disliking successful writers whom I won't name, but who might have some talent, but also get things published in magazines, like The New Yorker, for example, not because they are good, but because of who they are.
So now you're up to date. I hate everyone who's not blogging, by the way. Please blog and save me from my shallow reading and self-loathing.


Nik said...

I know. The not-bloggers will destroy me quicker than the New Yorker published.
Re the writing. I'm with you there. Perhaps swimming is actually the higher calling. I think I may have found an outdoor pool around here that doesn't require a country club type of membership.
Good luck on the 5K. And get back to writing 'cause I will read it while you're still alive!

Condiment said...

Is that a snarky Miranda July comment? If it is you should have noted that she had two (2!) pieces in the last NYorker...

Lisa B. said...

Thank you, condiment, for deconstructing the New Yorker matrix of publishing the possibly undeserving but famous. Snark is, I believe, called for. I second and third the non-blogger comment. What the hell, people. There are readers who are anhungred for your writing and you refuse to give them meat. Or vegetables. (food=writing in this little Biblical schema). Give me your blog posts or I will die.

You will write. Sometimes you just need a little break. A 5K. A dip in the pool. Some summer tv. You go, girl. You go chill on out.

Dr. Write said...

Not a Miranda July snark. I actually liked both of her pieces in TNY and btw, I own a copy of the film she refers to in "Atlanta."
I was referring to Dave Eggers. His piece was stupid. But I liked the Jeffrey Eugenides piece. The Denis Johnson story was not great. That's all I've read so far.

ErinAlice said...

Hey I have been blogging!! Mostly because I try to put off doing my class and the girls are giving me great material. Glad you blogged again. Keep on running.