Monday, June 04, 2007

Back at It

Last week was a wash, all the way around. Monday was a holiday, Wednesday was my last day of co-oping at Son's school, and Thursday was Son's Graduation extravaganza, complete with caps and gowns, The Magic Treehouse plays (in which Son played a guard, a juggler, and, his favorite, a monkey), food madness, and awards (Son got the Future Author award, proving conclusively that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree).
So I wrote a little on Tuesday and Wednesday, but nothing on Thursday or Friday. This weekend was full of madness (doing what? who knows! oh, we did plant two plants and I took Son swimming and I did run for two hours on Sunday).
But now I'm back at it. Never fear. I got up "early" (by my standards), and drank coffee and wrote a bit. I might try to split my writing days between production on the novel and revision of the collection. I'm trying to get it ready to send out in the fall.
But I also want to take Son for a hike, possibly with Dog, and I should be on my summer running schedule, but I'm tired. Oh so tired.
And I'm trying to plan a short vacation for July. Plus Middlebrow had several illness/injuries last week and I had to nurse him back to health (with Excedrin and fudgesicles). And, as I'm sure he'll point out, buying him generic Pepto-Bismol and then going out with the girls.

Word Count total: 27, 958


theorris said...

I think creating comic strips with hip characters counts as writing.

ErinAlice said...

I like that comic strip. I am working on solving formulas to figure out the standard deviation and the sums of the squares...I think I would rather be writing. Here's wishing you lots of luck and a non stop flow of brilliant ideas and correct grammar.

Scorpion's Tail said...

I agree about the comic strips. I was just looking at cute pictures of that little monkey (from alhambra) I am in the throes of scrapbooking. For what it's worth, seems that some time not writing is part of writing