Thursday, September 13, 2007

I Like This One

I like this little quiz, and was thinking about it earlier, so I decided to do it. Plus, HighTouch and I were talking about the general lack of blogging, so I thought I'd contribute something for you to read, and it goes a little something like this:

What’s your ringtone?
What's a ringtone? Oh, you mean for the cellphone I don't have? Oh. My ringtone is "MMBop," if that exists as a ringtone. If not, it's probably "My Humps" because I think that's hilarious for a flat-ish chested woman with no butt.

What’s the most incongruous song on your MP3 player?
It's a pair really, "Home" by Michael Buble (when I played it for him MB said, "You like that song?") and "History of My Future" by 7 Year Bitch. Please. I'm at least a 10 Year Bitch.

What is the one genre of music you cannot stand?
That new kind of country that sounds like Pop. I like the old country (Willie, Johnny, etc.). I also dislike that rap stuff.

What’s your desert island disc? Right now it's Neko Case, "Fox Confessor Brings the Flood." She rocks.

What’s your musical weakness? Pop that is ridiculous, I know it's ridiculous, but I can't help myself, I like it. (see: Shakira, Justin Timberlake, Hansen)

Do you play a music instrument? In a past life, I played the flute. I was forced to be in the marching band and I never played, I just marched and faked it.

Best make out song ever? What's making out? (Umm, Peaches and Herb? Captain and Tenille? Barry Manilow? Bread? Styx? The only time I remember making out it was to "Monty Python." Or it was quiet. Or was it the soundtrack to "St. Elmo's Fire"?)

Best driving song?
Anything by the B-52s. "Private Idaho" works, especially if you are driving in Idaho.

One song that you think everyone should read the lyrics of?
"Sunday, Bloody Sunday" by U2

Is downloading music for free a sin?
No, it's an effect of the whole corporate music scam. But I think the artists deserve your money, so it is a quandry isn't it?

Do you karaoke? Do I karaoke? Right now I'm singing "Love Shack." But I'm pretending I'm Hightouchmegastore.

One musician you would happily whore yourself to?
Rufus Wainwright, but that probably wouldn't work. Bruce Springsteen. I don't care if he's old, he's sexy. And David Byrne.

First album you ever bought? I don't really remember, but I remember most vividly receiving Billy Joel's "Glass Houses" as a gift. Oh, it was probably Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the USA."

Most recent album you bought? Pink Martini, "Hey Eugene!"

Favorite Beatles song?
No question, "Norwegian Wood."

One song that represents your teenage years?
Def Leppard, "Pyromania."

One song that represents your 20s?
Tori Amos, "Crucify."

One song that represents where you are right now?
Neko Case, "Margaret vs. Pauline" (which, if you haven't heard it, begins "Everything is so easy for Pauline.")

One song that represents your blog?
"I Am Trying to Break Your Heart" by Wilco


ErinAlice said...

Oh fun!! Okay here it goes:
Ringtone?? Was Sexyback or Shake your Tailfeather
Incongruous song?? They all seem to be.
Genre I can't stand?? Ska or punk!
Desert Island? John Mayer Continuum
Musical weakness? Pop (Old Britney, Justin, Black Eyed Peas, Fergie I mean please!!)
Play? I used to play the clarinet.
Make out song??? I have no idea what you are talking about!!
Best Driving Song? SOS by Rhianna
Read Lyrics of? Because of You by Kelly Clarkson
Downloading? I'm torn. I want to pay the artist, not the company.
Karaoke?? Not on purpose!!
Whore myself? Kris Kristofferson. No doubt!!
First album? Grease and Saturday Night Fever
Most recent album?? Justin Timberlake (great to workout to!)
Favorite Beatles song?? I don't have one-don't really like them but if I have to choose I would say Imagine.
Teenage years? Anything by Wham (George Michael), Madonna, Def Lepard or Run DMC.
Represent my 20's?? Gosh I can't really remember. I would say Salt and Peppa!!
Me now??? Anything off of John Mayer's Continuum
My Blog?? GIMME MORE-The "new" Britney song!!! :)

Lisa B. said...

Ringtone: My daughter put "Sexyback" on my phone, but I had to take it off. Now my ringtone is "vibrate."
Incongruous song: "You Move Me" by Garth Brooks
Genre I can't stand: I have no genres I can't tolerate at all, but I don't like most new country
Desert Island: right now, Rickie Lee Jones Sermon on Exposition Blvd., but previously Derek and the Dominoes Layla and Other Love Songs, with a side of the second side of Abbey Road
Musical weakness: I love love love radio songs, like MmmmBop and Two Princes (Spin Doctors) and old Journey and What it Takes (Aerosmith) and, sadly, Africa (Toto)
Play: piano and dulcimer (for the Joni Mitchell songs)
Make out song: Rocket Man, Elton John
Best Driving Song: Roadhouse Blues, the Doors
Read Lyrics of: again, in a humbling memory: once I insisted that my first husband, then my fiance, read the lyrics to The Pretender by Jackson Browne, because I thought he needed them. (he should have made me read the lyrics to Mistra Know-it-All by Stevie Wonder.) Now, I would have people read the lyrics to "Where I Like it Best" by Rickie Lee Jones.
Downloading: I mostly pay, with a little sharing on the side. But I did that before downloading, via the mixtape.
Karaoke: I have finally realized that karaoke is supposed to be ironic, and I can't sing ironically, because I really really really love to sing. So I'm not sure if I karaoke or not. I do, however, sing along, big time.
Whore myself: The Cat Stevens of Catch Bull at Four. But only that album, so clearly, it's too late for me.
First album: Wichita Lineman, Glen Campbell, followed immediately by Bridge Over Troubled Water
Most recent album: New Richard Thompson, Okkervil River, and Jarvis Cocker
Favorite Beatles song: I'll Be Back Again
Teenage years: Joni Mitchell, Blue
Represent my 20's: Joni Mitchell, Don Juan's Restless Daughter and Hejira (writing this down explains so much about me to myself)
Me now: perhaps the above mentioned Rickie Lee Jones but also passionate music of almost any era--that new Jarvis Cocker thing is pretty great
My Blog: hard to say, but maybe Beautiful Disaster (live version), Kelly Clarkson; or Not the Same, Ben Folds; or Don't Interrupt the Sorrow, by Joni Mitchell but interpreted by Brad Mehldau

Thanks, Dr! this was fun.

Counterintuitive said...

I soooo wish I could take this quiz. A longtime goal to listen to music like I read books and watch movies but it's never quite happened. I'm in awe of y'alls musical knowledge.

If I were take the quiz I would be forced to put down several Dixie Chick songs which have sadly been the only songs on my I-pod for about 5 months. In dumbfounding fashion I can't recall any of the names of songs on their newest album--not one and I've listened to it a billion times. Sure I could Google it but really it's pathetic.

I also have, amazingly I remember her name, several Nora Jones tunes on my I-Pod--I like her voice. Must play more Guitar hero to build musical muscles and knowledge.

lis said...

hWhat’s your ringtone?
It's a really cool island thing. I tried to download a Feist ringtone, but apparently my phone is too cheap and lame to be able to do that.

Most incongruous song?
Probably this Simply Red song that got on there because my sister updated her Ipod from my computer. I thought I got them all. There's also "You got the music in you" from the New Radicals. But I like that one. It's good for running.

craptastic genre?
Rap. I like poppy rap that includes some sort of melody, but not normal rap. Too bad Will likes it.

What’s your desert island disc? Hem (any of them) or the new Feist.

Musical weakness? Um, Barry Manilow. Anything really that's completely melodic and that I know the words to.

musical instrument? viola and violin. sometimes I pretend to play the banjo.

Best make out song ever? This jazz song, "My One and Only Love." I can't remember who plays the version I like but it's good, sexy.

Best driving song?
The Clash--probably Train in Vain

One song that you think everyone should read the lyrics of?
I don't really know the lyrics to any songs except for hymns and Barry Manilow and John Denver. So I guess I'll say Copa Cabana because people need to be ready to sing that with me.

Is downloading music for free a sin?
I don't really do it because I just don't get how to. But I do get people to make me cd's so I guess I don't think it's a sin.

Do you karaoke?I do, but I'm no good. Not earnest or campy enough.

One musician you would happily whore yourself to?
Hmmm, David Bowie? probably Barry Manilow, but let's not talk about that.

First album you ever bought? Some Smiths album--Louder than Bombs, I think.

Most recent album you bought? Feist, The Reminder

Favorite Beatles song?
Do you have to have a favorite Beatles song?

One song that represents your teenage years? Nine Inch Nails, Head Like a Hole.

One song that represents your 20s?
The Clash, Lost in the Supermarket

One song that represents where you are right now? This is too hard! The Ramones, Psychotherapy?

One song that represents your blog?
The Smiths, Paint a Vulgar Picture.

thanks for giving me a reason to not grade.

Scorpion's Tail said...

'fraid I'm with counterintuitive on this one (no offense intuitive) I'm sort of clueless, sort of feeling like I'm a geek to not know half these names.

Nik said...

My comment went away!
As I was saying, I'd like some Neko Case...will you recommend a particular album so I can give ever-more money to Apple?
And, my ringtone? It's the one that came with the phone. I fear that may be lamer than not having a cell phone at all.
But, seeing as how my comments just disappear on a blog, I'm obviously a bit techy challenged.

Uwe said...

Shakira's curves get the attention they deserve in today's entry. I'm afraid there isn't any continuity here, but I'm sure you don't mind. As ever, if anyone has any further images from any of these series, please get in touch and I'll fill in the gaps in a future post.