Thursday, September 20, 2007

Name That TV Blog

What shall we call our new TV blog? We are going to create one, and we will invite you if, IF, you agree to blog once a week. Maybe we'll give you time off for grading. Maybe.
My idea is: Twit (but the W is made up of two vees, one for T "v", get it?) but we're not twits. It's for TV wit. We are witty, right?


Nik said...

I love TVVit. If I only had some. But I could try to create some. Or a fair simulacrum.

Lisa B. said...

TVVit is growing on me. It might need a subtitle, though. Not that I have a single idea of what that might be.

Condiment said...

Wait, wait.. it's coming to me... you should call it... The Boob Tube. Or some variant of that.


Deconstructing the Box 437 (Advanced Project)


Television Deconstruction Conversation Moderation


Dr. Write said...

No "tube." Lisa had a very strict "no tube" policy. I like deconstruction, but we don't want to limit our audience, do we?

theorris said...

TVVIT is witty but I don't like it at all. Sorry. To be more witty it should just be TVIT which looks like some sort of wacky east coast sort of tv channel. (Even though we all know that east-coast television channels had W as their initial call-letter). Still it seems a bit worked.

Since we're not east coast, it seems out of place. I don't imagine myself participating much, other than as a rerun or Discovery Channel commentator, but I think K-something seems appropriate, given we are in the West and K is the official FCC designation for western tv stations.

How about KNOW. What a great call sign. "We KNOW. You don't."

Of course all the kids will be turning it into "K-Now! the station that doesn't stop rockin'!"

I don't think we'll stop rocking. Our trepidatious TV blog should be known as KNOW.

Of course we would need a subtitle that is witty: "KNOW: TV Wit at its finest."

How's that?

theorris said...

I will comment on my own comment: that sucks, absolutely. I like my first subtitle, however: "We KNOW, you don't!"

ErinAlice said...

How about "Blog where people talk about tv shows that they may or may not like and why they may or may not like them and recommendations of shows they really like and why everyone else should watch them too." Of course, TWit works too.

lis said...

twit is excellent. and I don't think we even need the tv wit combo. I like just plain old twit.

how about this for a subtitle: "wasting our time on tv so you don't have to."

that's all I got.

Limon de Campo said...

TV: Like books but without all them tiny words.

susansinclair said...

"Stuff What We Have to Say About What We've Been Doing When We Should Be Writing. Or Grading. Or Going Outside."

So, yeah, I'm okay with twit. And I would like to write a wee bit here and there on such issues as the Grey's vs. CSI thursday night choice.

theorris said...

So where's the TV blog? I'm itching to write about the Man vs. Wild scandal on Discovery.

Poor Bear. Outed as a fake and now he's having to make extreme unreality TV moves on his blog that surprisingly are very real.