Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I'm Not Gone, Physically

Though I have been absent, I am here. Wednesdays just kill me man!
It all begins way too f*ing early at 6 when I get up, drive to the park, and, today, did "speed work" with my running partner Scorpion's Tail. Then I dash home, shower, eat breakfast and make lunches, pick-up another kid and co-op at son's school.
If anything makes me love college teaching, it's spending three hours with 20 first and second graders. Things I've learned so far:
  1. Second grade boys are an entirely different animal than first grade boys.
  2. Boys without front teeth are cute.
  3. Some kids will. not. focus.
  4. Saying "don't do that" really isn't effective either with first and second graders or with students in English 1010. Saying it repeatedly really doesn't help either.
  5. If you give the kids tools, they will use them for any other thing except for what they were intended. Example, tape is for making and covering a cardboard wallet, NOT for affixing pictures to the walls. Chips are not for counting, but for playing tiddly winks.
  6. There is nothing cuter than a four-year old boy with glasses.
These are the life lessons for now. I'm sure I'll be learning more about pedagogy from the six and seven year olds as the semester continues.
Oh, the other thing I learned: a combination of first/second graders and English 1010 is a sure recipe for needing a cocktail by 4 p.m. This is a well established Truth. Trust me. I know.


ErinAlice said...

Yes I agree, the combination of a 6 and 7 year old and college students is also a recipe for well, a margarita perhaps?? I agree that 4 year old boys in glasses are cute. As are red headed boys with freckles who have a speech impediment.....

Lisa B. said...

The lessons I have just gleaned from your post are as follows:

(1) you are not blogging because you are getting up early to run?
(2) you are not running because you are helping in your son's classroom?

Excuse me, but what about my needs? Think of how MY Wednesdays go without you blogging. As you have done, come to think of it, at the end of your busy, busy day. Sorry for whining.

susansinclair said...

Thank you, lisa b, for reminding Dr W of her priorities: US! (PS--are you going to go to Paula Poundstone? I need some vicarious laughter...)