Friday, April 18, 2008

ED 3

I'm not sure I can take credit for this, but I will, given the Earth Day Challenge. MB bought a composter today at CostCo (of all places! So ecologically incorrect!). It is made of 90% recycled materials and it will help us recycle our materials (so many coffee grounds!!) into compost for the as of yet non-existent garden that may, one day (the distant future), grace our yard.
So that's today. Tomorrow we begin composting. Let's hear it for composting!


Counterintuitive said...

Composting is fun--you don't make it through some fruit, compost it; you hate to fill your garbage with egg shells and the carton, compost it; too many leaves in the garbage can, compost it, don't have a truck to get some manure, use your compost.

I'm kind of a neo-nazi about it--not one orange peel will make it into the garbage disposal! Do make sure you read up on the quantities of brown and green materials; once we figured it out, we've had earthworm filled soil each spring for the garden.

ErinAlice said...

Yea. I love CostCo. I don't imagine I ever will compost but I am glad there are people who do. Compost away.

Lisa B. said...

I was going to tell you also that I read that coffee grounds are good added directly to the soil--and if you put them around your roses, you'll have fewer aphids. In case that's of any interest.