Wednesday, April 23, 2008

ED 6 & 7

So I fell behind, but I was catching up on poems, so that's something, isn't it?
Like Hightouch, I try to make dinner at home. This week it was all about leftovers. We ate Sunday's meal Monday AND last night. So that was Earth Day 6: eating what you have on hand. (I know I'm copying Hightouch, but copying is a form of reusing, and it's not wasteful!)
And for Earth Day 7: stop unnecessary trips in the car. As the owners of only one car, MB and I rationalize a good deal of our travel. But sometimes it's not necessary for him to drive me all the way to campus, etc etc. So when only one of us goes to campus, we will take public transportation. If it's the campus near our house, MB walks. I sometimes ride my bike. If it's the campus farther away, we can take a bus/train/bus combination. Or, at the very least, someone can drop someone else at the train, thus eliminating the longest part of the drive.
Also, I have convinced MB not to buy a new vehicle (because I don't want to invest in obsolete technology), but instead I think we're going to get a rack for the top of the car we do have so that if we ever do go camping, poor Son won't be crammed in the backseat with a million things. And we have the dog now, so there's that.
Thanks for the Earth Day Challenge! I'm looking forward to composting and attempting another garden this summer.


Limon de Campo said...

I carpool because I have a 30 mile (round-trip) commute. Carpooling sucks sometimes because I am always tied to someone else's schedule, but I figure I'm sticking it to D. Cheney because I only need to get gas once a month now. He'll have to line his pockets some other way. (Gawd, now I'm probably on the H. Land Security list.)

Lisa B. said...

Impressive, the managing with just one car, because when the historian and I tried to drive in together sometimes it made me feel a little crazy. That's just my addiction to fossil fuels talkin, though, because I am going to be the mass transit/walking girl all next year. Since I won't have any place I *have* to be.

susansinclair said...

I drive waaaay too much this year, because of commuting way the hell south three times a week. But for next year I'm finding a place within walking distance of campus, and planning to ride my bike lots. And while I plan to get a new car, it will be a smaller car with much better MPG. (Though I'm holding off on the hybrid til a) I have more money and b) they get the plug-ins out)

ErinAlice said...

I wish I could do without a car but this city is NOT mass transit friendly. The light rail is in construction but it won't come out here. So, I have to drive.I wish I didn't cause cars really are a waste of money. When I get a new one, it will definitely be a hybrid.

marcia said...

So, if I read this correctly, you'll be getting a rack so Son can ride on top of the car? Or Dog, a la the Mittster?