Sunday, April 20, 2008

ED 4 & 5

So I slacked yesterday and did not post. But it was because I was cleaning my house and nursing sick Son.
But, I didn't use a bag at REI and I reused a box from Christmas for my gift. So, for yesterday the theme was REUSE.
I'm about to go to Whole Foods, and I'll bring my own bags. And I try not to use those little plastic bags, but sometimes I do.
My other goal for today: get a new gold filter for our new coffeemaker. Our old gold filter has holes in it, and we have been using paper filters (which we can compost, but still). So that's for today: gold filter replaces paper filter and paper filter waste.
Don't get blown away in all this wind! Batten the hatches!


ErinAlice said...

Yes I am all about reusing bags/boxes etc. I read an article in our paper today about how many grocery stores are getting rid of plastic bags and give some sort of discount if you bring your own. Others are handing out canvas bags to the first 200 customers or something. I think I will get some of those. I don't like plastic bags except that I reuse them for other things. Best of luck reusing. Have you heard the Jack Johnson song "Reduce, reuse, recycle"?? It's catchy!!!

lis said...

When I bring my own bags to the Smith's in my neighborhood, it sort of seems to freak them out. Which doesn't make sense given that I live in liberal-land.

Lisa B. said...

I have taken my bags several places and it has worked out okay. The checkers ("Guest Services") at Target have been very nice, if a teensy bit nonplussed. I myself am a tiny bit nonplussed, but I am getting used to it.