Friday, April 04, 2008

Haiku for Two (slow) Days

I didn't write a poem yesterday. But I did make a killer slide for my presentation (thanks to a good suggestion from Lisa B. who is shaming me in the poetry writing department).

But in any case, I'll put two haiku on here so that technically I am not behind, though usually I don't write haiku and I don't think that they really count.

Haiku for Middlebrow's Defense
Oh tall man, talking
mechanisms of realism, so smart
want to watch TV?

Haiku for first long run of the season
is everything always uphill?
running towards mountains, sun
metaphor for life

I know they're no American Idol sestina. But maybe I'll start a series of formal poems on TV shows I like. I can't wait to write about Old Christine!


Lisa B. said...

I like the haiku. I'm definitely saving the haiku strategy for a day when I got nothing.

ErinAlice said...

How about a sonnet for Old Christine?? good writing. Keep it up. Also I like to read a limerick and a cinquain.