Thursday, April 13, 2006

Banner Day at the Middle-Write Household

Yesterday we had some major milestones at our house.
To wit:
  1. Son rode his bicycle without training wheels for the first time. I let go and he rode down the street. Just like that. He was laughing hysterically and saying "I'm going so fast!"
  2. Son had his first guitar lesson. His teacher, Peter, is great. He made Son laugh. Son was silent during most of it. He told me before he wanted me to go in with him because "I'm kinda nervous." But he did great. Now we have to see if he'll really practice, or if it's just a lark.
  3. Middlebrow got up on the roof, despite his fear of heights (I could barely go up the ladder to hand him a tool. Let's hear it for effete sissy girls!). As he said, his cheapness helped him overcome his fear. Let's hear it for cheapness!
  4. I signed up as an e2 citizen. You can too! Just click that link. It's fun! It's free! And you get some gifts. Plus you can find out your carbon footprint, which is interesting. Then you commit to do at least five things to be more environmentally friendly. I think I signed up for 20. Some of them are: recycle glass, ride public transportation more, ride my bike to work at least two times a week, wash clothes only in cold water, use a swamp cooler, put more in the recycle bin than the trash can. There were others that I'm forgetting.
  5. Visited this Eat Wild! website. Through this website you can find local ranchers who sell grass fed beef. Anyone want to split a quarter? Middlebrow and I are thinking of buying a freezer. Where will we put it?

That's it. I also want to do Community Supported Agriculture this summer. Can anyone refer me? We did Borski one summer, but would like to try a different farmer.

Be green!


theorris said...

That's cool, Dr. Write. My carbon foot print is much smaller than average. I too wish to recycle glass, and am commiting myself to buying local produce as often as possible (a rule I've been violating with abandon lately.) I have others, but won't bore you with them.

Lisa B. said...

you could try Sun River Farms, that's the one we use.

It's hard to buy only local produce in the winter time (although there's Chad at Caputo's), but you can try to eat in season, which is what I've been doing. Except for lettuce, which I need year round.

lis said...

yes, Sun River Farms. They have the best garlic and the best tomatoes. and sometimes they give you edamame which makes it all worthwhile.

theorris said...

I grew up on a farm like that. Each year I am more and more saddened by its demise.

Counterintuitive said...

I'm way late on this but had to chime in that first pedals with no training wheels are among the sweetest moments of parenthood.