Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Why Be Bitter? A Multiple Choice Test

  1. Why Be Bitter?

a) Because a Harvard student got paid $500,000 for plagiarized ethnic chick-lit?

b) because stealing is the new mode of invention?

c) Because I, under achiever, can't write or steal the same?

d) Because students who have attended class only sporadically now appear, proclaiming, "I need to get an "A"?

e) Because students who have plagiarized yell, "It's not fair"?(talk to Middlebrow about this)

f) Because next week, we won't remember why we felt so bitter?

g) All of the above?


lis said...

gads, I love the end of the semester.

Nik said...

Funniest part of whole story--titles of books she copied from: Sloppy Firsts and Second Helpings.
Obviously, that McAfferty woman was just asking for it.
Indeed, happy end of the semester. Shall we give only A's in our hearts

Sleepy E said...

Ah, bitterness is sweet, innit? It makes me glow just imagining your teeth-grinding irritation...

Lisa B. said...

As my college daughter would say, Grrr! factor 25.