Sunday, April 02, 2006

Pocatello: The Photos

We made the trek up North this weekend for the Rocky Mountain Writers Festival in Pocatello. Will, the owner of the Walrus & Carpenter Bookshop invited me to come up and read. More on that later, maybe. The highlights of the trip are covered below. Also, we ate at Buddy's. No photos of that, you're just going to have to trust me.
One of the best things about Grandpa's house is the tractor. What are the others? Unlimited supplies of wine and tequila, dogs. I'm sure there are others.

Here is Son with Middlebrow and Fireman Pat. Who is Fireman Pat? He's a friend of my high school friend Jared. Who is Jared? See below.

This is Jared. He works for the UN when he's not taking the winter off to ski at Pebble Creek. He used to sit in front of me at Highland High School. We had the same home room. I had a crush on him for awhile. I haven't seen him in about six or seven years. In the meantime, he's been around the world. Last stop, Belarus. Apparently the elections were a sham. Who knew? Jared.

Here is Son and Friend in the cab of the firetruck. What firetruck you might ask? Something about the way Blogger is uploading the photos will make this a Momento-esque post. For the answers to all your questions, see below.

According to some, this was the highlight of our visit to Pocatello: our private tour of the Pocatello Fire Department led by none other than Fireman Pat. Who is Fireman Pat? See above. Confused yet?

Fireman Pat is a friend of Jared's, a fireman, and also an HHS grad. He offered to take the boys on a tour of the Fire Station. What else do boys like? Well, tractors. And that's about it.

I may or may not have gone out on a date with Pat when he was not a fireman, but rather worked at a bar in Pocatello. He denies it, but I think it might have been him. I don't really remember either, which says something about my memory.

Sylvia and I both read at the Rocky Mountain Writers Festival. Each reader was supposed to read for 15 minutes, but you know how that goes. I compensated by reading for about 4. I don't want to go to any more readings for a long time.

All in all the visit to Poky was lovely. Except for the 15 minute run in a blizzard. Sylvia said it was the worst run of her life. I'll go one further: it was the worst 15 minutes of my life. But then there was a hot shower.

Also: had a gyro at Tom's. Yum! I love me some Pocatello food. Really. There's nothing like it.


Lisa B. said...

Fun times in Pocatello! I have an old friend from Poky who can wax nostalgic about the salad dressing at Buddy's. Poetic, even. Love the Walrus and the Carpenter. There is much treasure in the bookstore. Lucky you guys!

val said...

I had no idea there was such fun in Pocatello! I always thought it was just the lottery and liquor! Looks like the boys had a "hot" time with fire truck. My son would be jealous.

Nik said...

15 minutes each! For how many? Oh Marathon readings--when will we ever learn?

Sleepy E said...

These are great pictures. i love the new digital camera! More photo essays, please.